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iOS via iTunes
Android via Google Play Store
PC via Steam

This popular new Puzzle Quest spin-off has exploded with popularity in the months since its launch October 3, 2013; it's currently available on Steam, iOS, and Android.  This version of Puzzle Quest has a lot of intricacies and more strategy than the other games in the brand and the learning curve is steep.  After recommending the game to several friends and then helping them get started, I decided to create this go-to guide to starting a successful Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign campaign.

Newest Updates

Onward Heroes!

The game has moved on from the Dark Reign content and so this site has become a bit irrelevant.  It will remain viewable but will no longer be updated.  The strategy pages may remain useful, but be aware that they were built with the first iterations of the game in mind. 

Happy Gaming!

Recruit the Human Torch!

For S.H.I.E.L.D. Field Agent immediate consumption: 


Human Torch has just joined the ranks. Join Unstable Iso-8 and recruit him to your roster of heroes!

Released October 3, 2014 for mobile
Released Dec. 5, 2014 on Steam